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new premium WordPress themes

A Low Cost Powerful Amazon Affiliate Store Builder That Is Easy To Use

In The Spotlight – This Amazon Store Builder Creates Amazon Stores

Stream Store Cloud Lets One Build Many Amazon Affiliate Stores

This new Amazon Affiliate Store Builder is powerful and easy to use. I built 7 Amazon Affiliate Stores and it did not take long to build them at all. You simply select the key word to use, add your Amazon affiliate ID, add some graphics and you have a store. Below are links to some I built:

In terms of support StreamStore Support is very helpful. They always answered all my questions very quickly. Click below to find out more:

StreamStoreCloud – I got the pro version

StreamStore has 3 other options:

What Are The Best Premium WordPress Themes and Tools?

With The Right WordPress Tools, Theme and Other Tech Tools the Difference is Night and Day!

What’s New?: Some Great Tech Services, Best Premium WordPress Themes, Premium WordPress Plugins and Other Tools

As site owner, I remember learning about WordPress. And as a WordPress beginner I found it quite overwhelming with all the info at hand, themes, plugins and services. Of course at first I made my bad choices. And I found the good Web Tech Power Tools and the difference was Night and Day!

The purpose of this web site is to communicate about the great Premium WordPress Themes and other tools on the market today. By doing so you don’t make the same mistakes I did. Knowledge is power as they say. And knowing about the right tools for WordPress is power too! We want to make WordPress as easy as possible.

So you will find info about some very impressive Premium WordPress Themes with great WordPress Theme Options Panels or Customizable WordPress themes. These options panels offer controls for layout, styling, colors, fonts and so much more. Choosing Customizable WordPress themes is important. These themes have the best WordPress theme options panels. You will also find out about more options including:

So browse this web site. And no matter if you are a WP Novice or Seasoned Pro, I’m sure you will some very helpful Web Tech Power Tools. There’s also many Web Tech Power Tool reviews.

This web site also has some new Web Tech Power Tools to explore and find out more info about…click here to read more.

Best WordPress Tools And Premium WordPress Themes Plus More

Go Green With Your Computer!

Click here to find out how to be Green With Computers. And consider Green Web Hosting below too.

Best Green Hosting That Is Environmentally-Friendly and Affordable

The Best Green Hosting Provider

Do you believe in Going Green? Do you want the Best Green Hosting for your web site? Look no further than GreenGeeks. This hosting platform is as energy-efficient as possible. They even invest in renewable energy. So when you host with them your web site will be carbon-reducing. Click here to read more.

What’s New at Including Some of the Best Premium WordPress Themes

Text To Speech Tool - No Need For Expensive Narration

High Quality Text to Speech Tool NewscasterVocalizer – A Great Alternative to Hiring an Expensive Narrator:

I remember several years ago text to speech was not high quality. However for this NewscasterVocalizer Review apparently this is no longer the case. The other day I found out about NewscasterVocalizer from an email message. Remembering my last experience I almost did not click on the link. But I’m happy I did!

My first experience with text to speech was like a robot speaking. In the end I gave up. But NewscasterVocalizer is different. It’s high quality speech. It is like the way Amazon Alexa talks. I tried it for text to speech for a few videos. I was amazed at the quality for the end result. And it was very easy to use. Click here to learn more.

Customizable WordPress Themes With Great Theme Options Panels

Looking For Best Customizable WordPress Themes Is Important: Hunting through code is not a good way to set up a WordPress site. So you need to find the Best Customizable WordPress Themes 2019 that have great theme options panels.

Finding the best WordPress themes with theme settings is very important. The difference between these customizable themes and hunting through code is night and day.

So here’s 4 that have worked for my sites. Click here to learn more.

Funny Donald Trump Computer Gifts Plus More Funny Computer Gifts

Best Tech Gifts 2019! Funny Donald Trump Computer Gifts and More…: Looking for great Funny Donald Trump Computer Gifts and other PC Gifts? It’s good to laugh while you work to increase productivity…right? And these Donald Trump items certainly are funny for nerds and everyone else! So we offer these funny Trump computer gifts for Trump lovers and haters.

Plus there’s some funny and practical under the Best Tech Gifts 2019 category too. Click here to learn more.

nimva options panel

In The Spotlight – A New Theme With A LOT of Controls

Do you love WordPress but hate dealing with CSS and hunting for settings in the code? You will love this beautiful responsive theme. It has controls for layout, styling, colors, fonts and so much more. You can even easily add video backgrounds. It is very versatile. Please click on the graphic below to view a demo and see it’s powerful features and view other great themes:

Click Here For More Info/Buy Theme
Web Hosting

SiteGround Review – The Difference is Really Night and Day Regarding Changing Host Providers!!

Well if you read my UPDATED Godaddy Review…you will see I was in the darkness with Godaddy. What started of as great soon got worse and worse with GoDaddy. I needed a change and get back into the light. SiteGround brought me back into the light as I switched my host provider from GoDaddy to SiteGround. My goals included getting free SSL, good support including email support tickets, faster loading of my web sites, and affordable hosting. SiteGround gave me all that and even more. Click here to read more.

Premium WordPress Themes

New! Some Of The Best Premium WordPress Themes

Looking for some New Premium WordPress Themes? Here’s some real nice responsive WordPress themes that fall into many Theme Categories including Beauty, Blog, Business, Creative, Education, Hotel & Travel, Lawyer, Medical, Music, Photography, Portfolio, Real Estate…to name a few. For more info and to view theme demos please click on the link below:

Some Great Web Hosting Solutions for WordPress Sites

Some Host Providers are great for WordPress sites and some are not. Please be sure to read reviews section. But here’s some great web hosting options to consider for your WordPress sites:

Web Hosting
40% Off WP Engine
Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

Below are more Web Tech Power Tools I bought and use. I highly recommend these!:

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