How to Set Up a WordPress Site

This May Help Your TechnoStress!

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Step 1: Set up the WordPress site.

Step 2: Start blogging.

Ha ha. If only blogging (and life) were that simple and easy. However, all blogging platforms, especially WordPress and Blogger, are relatively simple and straightforward. After all, they want to attract people to their sites and there are a lot of people who want to write and communicate in a meaningful manner.

Several years ago, I decided to begin social networking through Orkut. I soon discovered that there were restrictions and that it was cumbersome not allowing me write what I wanted. I asked around and someone suggested blogging. I took that up and the rest, as they say, is history.

If you also want to communicate meaningfully and if you have decided on WordPress, then this article will guide you on how to set up a WordPress site.

1. Decide on a domain name

WordPress nearly makes it too easy to set up a domain name. When you go to their homepage, the first thing you do is to type in a domain name. There ought to be some thought to this, however. It is too easy to merely type in your own name. However, if your name is John Smith then you ought to know: 1) that domain name is already taken and 2) it is somewhat meaningless, especially to others.

One thing that I have advised on another occasion to do is to choose something that is important to someone else, such as your spouse or parents. If your husband really loved the film Field of Dreams then you could name it after that. (As of August 18, 2014, was still available.)

2. Routine things

You also have to provide an email address, username and password, and decide on the level of service you want from WordPress (i.e. beginner, premium member or business).

3. More routine (blog) things

Change the theme from the standard theme to something that will better individualise your blog and make it stand out from other blogs. Customise everything with the features offered in the dashboard. Add widgets that will add value to your blog. You do not want to have too few, but you also do not want too many as that will clutter the appearance of the blog. On my blog, I have 8 (although only 7 usually show up) and I am thinking of getting rid of the “translate” button as that is notorious for producing gibberish.

Most importantly, fill up your blog with high-quality and frequent posts. This is how you set up a WordPress site and maintain it.


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